AMANA Switzerland

AMANA Switzerland LLC, the foreign subsidiary of AMANA Consulting GmbH, offers software solutions in the areas of tax and financial processes, and is the direct contact for customers in Switzerland.

We support you on-site with a smooth integration of our software solutions into your processes. We are also available to help you, to answer any questions you may have, and we are happy to receive suggestions.

AMANA Schweiz introduces itself

AMANA Switzerland LLC is the first foreign subsidiary of AMANA Consulting GmbH Germany. Our number of customers has risen to 500 since 2010. With our reference customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, we have been firmly established in the market for years.

AMANA emerged in 2011 from a spin-off of the accounting consultancy of PricewaterhouseCoopers AG WPG (PWC) and developed successfully. AMANA Switzerland LLC acts as the direct contact for customers in Switzerland.

AMANA Switzerland LLC is represented by Elena Serova who acts as the Managing Director. Elena has many years of professional experience as a consultant and most recently as an investor engagement leader at PwC Switzerland with projects in Switzerland, Germany, France, UK, Japan, and the USA. She is at your disposal as your direct contact.

AMANA Consulting GmbH in Switzerland is represented by Dr. Philipp Stampfuß and Thorsten Funke. Philipp and Thorsten have been two of four managing directors since the formation of AMANA Consulting GmbH in Germany.

Another expert is our XBRL product manager Richard Bössen. Richard is a member of the board of XBRL Switzerland association and is responsible for numerous projects in this area.

Our software solutions

  • External | internal
    SmartNotes financial reports and investor communi­cation.
  • Leasing
    GLC GlobalLeaseCenter leases’ accounting.
  • Income tax and VAT GTC GlobalTaxCenter group department’s tax portal.
  • XBRL
    XBRL XBRL for regulators and companies.

Financial reports in XBRL

With the introduction of ESEF (European Single Electronic Standard) from ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority), more and more companies will publish their data in XBRL format (eXtensible Business Reporting Language). In the future, analysts will increasingly use the data for XBRL reporting. At our last user conference in Essen, attended by around 400 clients every year, experienced analyst Marietta Miemietz from Primavenue Advisory Services Limited gave a presentation and pointed out the following aspects of XBRL: Cost efficiency, speed, accuracy, and the ability to design your own Alternative Performance Measurements (APMs).

In Switzerland, some companies are also affected by the ESEF requirement. As a proven XBRL expert with the most certifications from XBRL International, we are happy to support you in implementing this requirement. Firstly, with the help of SmartNotes and secondly, with the help of the XBRL Tagger. We would like to invite you to current webinars for SmartNotes and XBRL Tagger.

Our client projects


Geberit has been using SmartNotes for many years.
"Our online annual report has an interface with SmartNotes. The data is transferred from the financial report via interface to the online report. The interface processes not only the financial figures but also the formats, so that manual post-processing in the online report is largely eliminated. The manual steps that do not add value have thus been eliminated from the process."
Markus Morger
Head Corporate Accounting
Geberit International AG

Swatch Group

After many years of using an InDesign-based system, the Swatch Group decided to implement SmartNotes. In an already optimized process of the company, further automation potentials are used by SmartNotes. The Swatch Group's semi-annual report 2019 was produced in four languages from SmartNotes in Word without InDesign post-processing using the layout robot.


Richemont uses SmartNotes for external and internal reports. Here are some examples of its success factors: time saving through automation with automated numbers in tables and text as well as the roll-forward process; parallel work - SmartNotes allows several people to work on the same document at once; internal consistency within the reports and between the reports - for example between annual report and annual analyst presentation or interim report and interim analyst presentation


The Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority collaborates with AMANA in many areas.
"For us, AMANA is first and foremost an XBRL specialist with in-depth XBRL expertise and a global reach. This expertise, which is based on many years of XBRL experience, was crucial for us and the key factor for project success."
Roger Guntli
FMA, Head of IT/Projects
Deputy Head of Central Services
Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein

Primeo Energie

"We use SmartNotes to compile four independent annual reports, one group report, and three segment reports. From the point of view of communication and procedures, it was crucial for us that the reports, created with Word, were fully ready for printing. SmartNotes fulfills this task skillfully. In particular, we benefit from automation advantages, especially in the financial reporting sector. In addition, from the outset we now have only print-ready reports in our internal process, which is very helpful and efficient for corrections or content coordination."
Joachim Krebs
Primeo Energie
Head of Group Communi­cations


"We implemented SmartNotes for our financial and production reporting and have reached a high level of automation in our work process. The excellent functionalities for numbers as well as the design implementation within SmartNotes has made the reporting process both more efficient and completely transparent. The SmartNotes project team supported us competently and professionally throughout the entire implementation period."
Aniko Boender
Group Financial Reporting


"SmartNotes significantly facilitates Idorsia’s Financial Reporting process and was particularly helpful in the IPO (Initial Public Offering)​ process and for the first financial reporting a few weeks after the demerger. Using the strong collaboration and review capabilities, and how layout changes can be easily implemented, SmartNotes allows to focus on quality and consistency."
Ian Norris
Financial Reporting


"During our decision process for the best software solution to fulfill the IFRS 16 requirements, the GlobalLeaseCenter convinced us by the following competitive advantages: on the one hand, it is flexible and therefore easy to integrate into our IT environment and on the other hand, the project team from AMANA was highly competent in both areas in IFRS and in IT specific technical details."
Dr. André Klöcker
Head of Group Accounting and IFRS Policies


"We are using SmartNotes for two reports on a quarterly/semiannual basis. SmartNotes has a highly sophisticated functionality for financial reports and helps us to concentrate on content while automating numbers in tables in text. The roll-forward functionality is also very helpful and allows us to produce the first versions of the next period reports in just couple of minutes. Although we are not a public company, with no requirement to publish our financial statements, we nevertheless use the Layout Robot feature to prepare internal reports with professional layouts for our main stakeholders (shareholders and banks)."
Antonela Rago & Flora Presenti
DITH Group
Group Financial Reporting

Our contact persons

Dr. Philipp Stampfuß - SmartNotes expert
Richard Bössen - XBRL expert
Our references