AMANA Switzerland

AMANA Switzerland LLC, the foreign subsidiary of AMANA Consulting GmbH, offers software solutions in the areas of tax and financial processes, and is the direct contact for customers in Switzerland.

We support you on-site with a smooth integration of our software solutions into your processes. We are also available to help you, to answer any questions you may have, and we are happy to receive suggestions.

AMANA Schweiz introduces itself

AMANA Switzerland LLC is the first foreign subsidiary of AMANA Consulting GmbH Germany. Our number of customers has risen to 1000 since 2010. With our reference customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, we have been firmly established in the market for years.

AMANA emerged in 2011 from a spin-off of the accounting consultancy of PricewaterhouseCoopers AG WPG (PWC) and developed successfully. AMANA Switzerland LLC acts as the direct contact for customers in Switzerland.

AMANA Switzerland LLC is represented by Elena Serova who acts as the Managing Director. Elena has many years of professional experience as a consultant and most recently as an investor engagement leader at PwC Switzerland with projects in Switzerland, Germany, France, UK, Japan, and the USA. She is at your disposal as your direct contact.

AMANA Consulting GmbH in Switzerland is represented by Dr. Philipp Stampfuß and Thorsten Funke. Philipp and Thorsten have been two of four managing directors since the formation of AMANA Consulting GmbH in Germany.

Another expert is our XBRL product manager Richard Bössen. Richard is a member of the board of XBRL Switzerland association and is responsible for numerous projects in this area.

Our software solutions

  • External | internal
    SmartNotes Financial reports and investor communi­cation.
  • Leasing
    GlobalLeaseCenter Leases’ accounting.
  • Income tax
    and VAT
    GlobalTaxCenter Group department’s tax portal.
  • XBRL
    XBRL For regulators and companies.

Financial reports in XBRL

With the introduction of ESEF (European Single Electronic Standard) from ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority), more and more companies will publish their data in XBRL format (eXtensible Business Reporting Language). In the future, analysts will increasingly use the data for XBRL reporting. At our last user conference in Essen, attended by around 400 clients every year, experienced analyst Marietta Miemietz from Primavenue Advisory Services Limited gave a presentation and pointed out the following aspects of XBRL: Cost efficiency, speed, accuracy, and the ability to design your own Alternative Performance Measurements (APMs).

In Switzerland, some companies are also affected by the ESEF requirement. As a proven XBRL expert with the most certifications from XBRL International, we are happy to support you in implementing this requirement. Firstly, with the help of SmartNotes and secondly, with the help of the XBRL Tagger. We would like to invite you to current webinars for SmartNotes and XBRL Tagger.

Our client projects

Swissquote Bank

"We are using SmartNotes for our Annual Report production process. All contents are maintained in SmartNotes in a ready-to-publish format from Word including the following parts: Financial Report, Remuneration Report, Corporate Governance Report as well as Sustainability Report. The numbers in the tables, charts and texts are interconnected and connected to the source data, they are updated automatically for each data load throughout the report. SmartNotes has significantly helped us to automate the process and reduced the correction efforts."
Pauline Mercier Fauchon
Responsible Group Finance
Swissquote Bank

TITAN Cement Group

"We have prepared our first ESEF audited report (European Single Electronic Format) with the help of AMANA and their solution XBRL Tagger. The project started with a full test on the financial report from the prior year which was reviewed afterwards. The production of the report at the end of 2020 went very smoothly despite a very short period for the year-end closing process. The support was excellent and the ESEF consulting competence was outstanding. We met our deadline and filed our ESEF report at the Belgian Officially Appointed Mechanism for ESEF reports FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority) in Brussels in English and French on the planned date."
Maria Tirita
Group Controller
TITAN Cement Group

Allianz Suisse

"What we appreciate about GTC are the automation possibilities for our processes as well as the specific cantonal requirements from Swiss tax law that are reflected in the software. We have been using GTC in the tax compliance area since 2014. In particular, the allocation of the taxable result according to Circular 23 for insurance companies (Kreisschreiben 23) at the cantonal and municipal level, as well as the processing of payments for the verification of tax assessments and the calculation of tax provisions are very beneficial for us. The GTC also convinced us with its flexibility in integrating different data sources."
Sabine Stumpe
Head of Corporate Taxes
Allianz Suisse Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG

EFG International

"We use SmartNotes for EFGI - Annual Report, Interim Report, Press Releases and for Pillar III report. We also use SmartNotes for various subsidiary annual reports including subsidiaries is Switzerland, UK and Luxembourg. All theses reports are produced with final layout in Word without use of InDesign. The highly sophisticated functionality for financials (roll-forward, validations, automated numbers in text, ect.) helps us significantly to automate the processes of report production and ensure alignment between annual reports and press releases. The implementation project was an excellent experience for all team members."
Michael Rodel
Head of Finance
EFG International


Geberit has been using SmartNotes for many years.
"Our online annual report has an interface with SmartNotes. The data is transferred from the financial report via interface to the online report. The interface processes not only the financial figures but also the formats, so that manual post-processing in the online report is largely eliminated. The manual steps that do not add value have thus been eliminated from the process."
Markus Morger
Head Corporate Accounting
Geberit International AG


"We use SmartNotes in the Azure Microsoft cloud environment. SmartNotes significantly helps us to streamline the report production process. A direct interface to our consolidation system as well as a ready-to-print preparation of the reports without InDesign eliminate the manual steps and the risks of errors in the process. After a very good implementation project together with AMANA, we can independently expand the application areas of SmartNotes and implement further reports in SmartNotes."
Erdal Atici, Matthias Geisseler
Group Finance Team


Richemont uses SmartNotes for external and internal reports.
"For us, the key advantages include saving time with automated numbers in tables and text as well as the roll-forward process, being able to work in parallel as SmartNotes allows several people to work on the same document at once and internal consistency within the reports and between the reports, for example between annual report and annual analyst presentation or interim report and interim analyst presentation. Smartnotes has also helped us to improve the efficiency of our internal reporting."
Lesley Griffiths
Group Technical Accounting Manager
Richemont International SA


The Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein collaborates with AMANA for many years.
"For us, AMANA is first and foremost an XBRL specialist with in-depth XBRL expertise and a global reach. This expertise, which is based on many years of XBRL experience, was crucial for us and the key factor for project success. Furthermore, AMANA is continuing to support us in projects implementing multiple requirements from European Authorities, for example MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II), AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) and others. AMANA supports us with the development of our national statutory reporting taxonomy as well."
Roger Guntli
FMA, Head of IT/Projects
Deputy Head of Central Services
Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein


"We have been using SmartNotes for our financial reporting since 2012. The function­alities for financials in SmartNotes impressed us a lot from the beginning. SmartNotes is easy to use and we act independently when making report adjustments or creating new reports in SmartNotes. We use the tool for both external and internal reporting. For internal reporting, we have implemented our management reports in both Word and Power Point formats. The use of SmartNotes has significantly reduced the risk of errors. At the same time, efficiency has been increased thanks to the automation of routine work."
Christian Heiniger
Head of Accounting and Controlling
Berner Kantonalbank AG

Primeo Energie

"We use SmartNotes to compile four independent annual reports, one group report, and three segment reports. From the point of view of communication and procedures, it was crucial for us that the reports, created with Word, were fully ready for printing. SmartNotes fulfills this task skillfully. In particular, we benefit from automation advantages, especially in the financial reporting sector. In addition, from the outset we now have only print-ready reports in our internal process, which is very helpful and efficient for corrections or content coordination."
Joachim Krebs
Primeo Energie
Head of Group Communi­cations


"We implemented SmartNotes for our financial and production reporting and have reached a high level of automation in our work process. The excellent functionalities for numbers as well as the design implementation within SmartNotes has made the reporting process both more efficient and completely transparent. The SmartNotes project team supported us competently and professionally throughout the entire implementation period.Being a listed company on the London stock exchange we are using Smartnotes to prepare the ESEF report (European Single Electronic Format), with taggings of primary statements as well as notes to the financial statements. We performed the project with internal resources and the support from AMANA, using their competences in both areas XBRL technical and accounting. The integration of XBRL tagging into SmartNotes has allowed us to further enhance the automation in the report production process.“
Aniko Boender
Group Financial Reporting


"SmartNotes significantly facilitates Idorsia’s Financial Reporting process and was particularly helpful in the IPO (Initial Public Offering)​ process and for the first financial reporting a few weeks after the demerger. Using the strong collaboration and review capabilities, and how layout changes can be easily implemented, SmartNotes allows to focus on quality and consistency."
Ian Norris
Financial Reporting


"During our decision process for the best software solution to fulfill the IFRS 16 requirements, the GlobalLeaseCenter convinced us by the following competitive advantages: on the one hand, it is flexible and therefore easy to integrate into our IT environment and on the other hand, the project team from AMANA was highly competent in both areas in IFRS and in IT specific technical details."
Dr. André Klöcker
Head of Group Accounting and IFRS Policies
CWS-boco International GmbH


"We are using SmartNotes for two reports on a quarterly/semiannual basis. SmartNotes has a highly sophisticated functionality for financial reports and helps us to concentrate on content while automating numbers in tables in text. The roll-forward functionality is also very helpful and allows us to produce the first versions of the next period reports in just couple of minutes. Although we are not a public company, with no requirement to publish our financial statements, we nevertheless use the Layout Robot feature to prepare internal reports with professional layouts for our main stakeholders (shareholders and banks)."
Antonella Rago & Flora Pesenti
DITH Group
Group Financial Reporting


"The introduction of the software was straight­forward and simple. The introduction of VAT@GTC has made our reporting process much more efficient. Even complex VAT groups can be easily handled and consolidated with the AMANA software. Since using the software we have been saving a lot of time."
Leoni Schwinning
Dr. Christian Keese
RA (Syndikus-RA), StB
Head of Tax


“We have successfully integrated AMANA's XBRL Tagger, a certified XBRL solution, into CtrlPrint to enable our corporate users to make their financial reports ESEF-ready in a fast and effective way. In our tagging sessions in December 2019, 30 listed companies were able, to a very large extent, tag previous year's annual report and create iXBRL reports as a perfect basis for the 2020 report, fulfilling ESMA requirements. Our users, who in general are not familiar with XBRL, were impressed by the easy-to-use functionality of AMANA's XBRL Tagger and the way it played down ESEF/XBRL to something more familiar. We are convinced that it is a perfect addition to our report collaboration tool.”
Karl Magnus Westerberg

Arkk solutions

Arkk use AMANA's software to provide an outsourced iXBRL tagging service. The software is easy to use and intuitive for both the user and the reviewer. The team at AMANA have been very responsive with incorporating feedback into the software and have been great to work with. We have received some super feedback on the iXBRL output from a number of our clients, especially around the ease of review.”
Jenny Himsley
Arkk solutions


"We use GlobalTaxCenter (GTC) for our group-wide tax reporting processes worldwide, for example in our units in Asia, Africa and the North America. The integrated link between actual and deferred taxes saves us a significant amount of time during the year end process. The automated tax rate reconcili­ation serves as an important input for the preparation of the notes in the financial report. The GTC meets our expectations for process digitisation in the area of tax reporting very well."
Stefan Leitner
Director Group Finance

Meyer Burger

"AMANA supported us in the implementation oft he SmartNotes Disclosure Management System for external reporting. The implementation project and the automated processes were an excellent experience for our team. In our Annual Report all major contents including our Financial Reports as well as the ESG contents (Environment, Social and Governance) oft he report are maintained in SmartNotes. The charts have been built in Excel according tot he Corporate Design standards with automated data feeds. The source system is IBM Cognos with automated connections to numbers in charts, tables and to numbers in the text. The ready-to-publish format from Word eliminated the manual InDesign work and significantly improved the process effiency."
Claudia Heimann
Finance Team
Meyer Burger


"As a non-public company with no requirement to publish our IFRS consolidated financial statements, we decided to implement the Disclosure Management System SmartNotes to improve the effiency of our report preparation process and are very happy with the outcome of the implementation project. We are using SmartNotes for consolidated financial statements with data imports from Cognos Controller as well for financial reports in Switzerland and aboroad with data imports from SAP (RFBILAoo). SmartNotes has a highly sophisticated functionality for financial reports and eliminates many manual steps; it helps us to dedicate our time to content and to IFRS content driven projects, for example, in our recent streamlining project for the IFRS consolidated financial statements."
Adrian Amstalden
Senior Accountant
Pilatus Aircraft


Disclosure Management SmartNotes: End-to-end process to the annual report

Our Disclosure Management SmartNotes increases the effi­ciency in the creation of annual reports and iXBRL reports and helps you to imple­ment the ESEF require­ments. You work with SmartNotes from the first data import, through the input of corrections, to the publication of the annual report in a print-ready layout without media discon­tinuity. Our Disclosure Management System relieves you of the manual work steps so that you can concen­trate on essential content.

Referents: Björn Bielesch and Nina Schüller

ESEF Textblock-Tagging - Lessons Learned

In our webinar, the experiences from the first year of ESEF implementation will be presented, especially regarding text block tagging. In addition to the technical requirements, we will also discuss practical examples in our intelligent software solution SmartNotes.

Referents: Nina Schüller and Philipp Stampfuß

Go live in 4 days - IFRS 16 with the GlobalLeaseCenter

With the GlobalLeaseCenter you can implement a tested and regularly maintained IFRS 16 leasing tool in record time. The GlobalLeaseCenter is a comfor­table standard solution of AMANA to effectively and efficiently account for leasing matters according to IFRS 16. Within a clear and well-structured process the GlobalLeaseCenter supports the user in data collection. Validations of the input data increase the data quality. Based on the entered contract data, the GlobalLeaseCenter intelligently recognises which IFRS 16 facts are present (new contract, modification; reassessment) and automatically carries out their evaluation. The generation of bookings, dicslosures and reports at company level or group level is one of the standard functio­nalities of our IFRS 16 system. More than just a software solution: our expe­rienced consulting team will accompany and support you both in the project and, if required, in live operation.

Referents: Eva-Maria Kuhlmann and Matthias Sahm

SmartNotes InDesign Interface

With the SmartNotes InDesign interface, you can reduce the time-consuming communication and correction loops up to the layout with your agency to a minimum. We offer you the possibility to create a result document which the agency can process directly. 100% of the content and 80% of the layout can thus be delivered to the agency in the first step. Time and cost-intensive correction loops are a thing of the past.

Referents: Vanessa Höhn and Nicole Tötdmann

How to create an ESEF reporting in no time - Plug & Play with the AMANA XBRL Tagger

In our webinar, we will present our solution outlining the simple handling of report produc­tion and the automated tagging support feature based on artificial intelli­gence (AI) developed by AMANA, which signi­ficantly simplifies the creation of ESEF reports.

Referents: Nina Schüller and Janis Steinmann

The most common issues, challenges and solutions in ESEF reporting

In many countries the new ESEF regulation becomes mandatory for the first time for the annual reports of 2021. With a wealth of experience from more than 200 reports tagged in year one, we would like to make you aware of the most important challenges of ESEF for the coming report, how to solve them and the changes that happened to ESEF during the current year.

AMANA has been developing Disclosure Management and XBRL software for more than 10 years. Our XBRL engine is used by hundreds of companies across Europe to generate and process thousands of XBRL reports every year. With more than 600 customers and partners across Europe and more than 200 successfully submitted ESEF filings, we already have a lot of practical experience in working with ESEF.

Learn from our ESEF and XBRL experts what the biggest challenges are in creating annual reports and how you can solve them with our software solutions.

Referents: Nina Schüller, Dr. Philipp Stampfuß (AMANA) and Okan Zengi (Deloitte)

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